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5 Best gaming mouse for The real Gamer

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If you are looking for the best gaming mouse you might be wondering about the biggest giant tech companies like Razer, Logitech, Asus, SteelSeries, Picked mice. But when it comes to numerous options finding the right one is so difficult for you. Many questions come to your mind such as design, sensor, ergonomic grip, button adjustability, and so on. That’s why we have figured out some amazing gaming mice that will help you to choose the right one given below. 

Here, re the kicker:

Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse

#1.  Razer DeathAdder V2

Our number one is from the famous tech company Razer which is Razer DeathAdder. It is one of the best-selling gaming mice in the market. If we are talking about the price you have to count less than 50$.Razer DeathAdder comes with an ergonomic design capable of holding in the palm of the hand as well as being suitable for paw and finger styles. Adding more, it’s retaining its iconic egg due to speed up processing for your gaming experiences to defeat the enemies. 


#2. Logitech G502

According to independent sales data (Feb19-20), Logitech is the world’s number one best-selling wireless gaming gear band. Yes, we are going to talk about our number two gear is Logitech G502 gaming mouse. It is redesigned from the inside to the outside with light-speed wireless and power playback compatibility where you can play games faster and accurately. This mouse uses ultra-high-speed 1-millisecond wireless connectivity and next-generation hero sensors which gives you 25k DPI-level high performance and 60 hours of uninterrupted gaming energy-saving effects. Furthermore, it comes with 11 programmable buttons that help you optimize the gaming experience. But if you thinking about this mouse you to count money than our first one.


#3.Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

Another one from Razer which is Razer Naga Trinity boosts your gaming experiences no matter what game you play due to full control but you have to count more cash than Razer DeathAdder’s V2.its aims to provide you with the necessary Edge MOBA/MMO games allowing you to adjunct your mouse for everything from weapons to customization, as a result, you always go ahead of the competition. Moreover, it has some amazing features including 16000 DPI optical sensors,19 programmable buttons, supports 16.8 million colors, and so on.


#4 SteelSeries Rival 3 Gaming Mouse

The next up our number four best gaming mouse is from the SteelSeries Rival 3.Somebody might be wondering this company but the company produces some high performing gaming kits especially Rival 3.It is one of the excellent gaming mice due to comfortable grip which is capable of any types of hand that reaches all the buttons. Besides it is designed championship-level true mobile core optical sensor that works like pix art ultra-durable sensor. Moreover, it is a very lightweight design compatible with windows and macOS and makes it standard for style and performance.


#5 Razer Viper Ultimate-Wireless gaming mouse


Finally, our number five is Razer Viper Ultimate which is an excellent gaming mouse, equipped with ultra-high-speed wireless technology, can achieve low latency and reduce interference, enhance your gaming experience. Without a doubt, it is one of the most powerful gaming mice that can handle anything you throw at it. It is perfectly designed for left-handed and right-handed use with programmable buttons. In addition, Razer Viper Ultimate is a compact mouse that is very comfortable to hold. This mouse is very suitable for small and middle hands, even if you can’t adjust the big hands perfectly. In addition, it is equipped with a 20K DPI optical sensor for competitive games that do not require any drilling. Read more on our other post-Razer Viper Ultimate.


In a nutshell, we can say that this above top 5 best gaming mouse little help you to find the right one from the thousand. our recommendation is that when you looking for the best gaming mouse few things consider like design, adjustability, sensor, ergonomic grip, and so on.

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